Social Justice Program

The Oregon Cannabis Association emphatically acknowledges that the war on drugs has disproportionately impacted communities of color. The OCA is committed to supporting impacted communities through our membership, programming, legislative changes, and criminal justice reform.

We Stand Against Racism

We challenge power structures that seek to deny Black people to be seen, heard and simply live.

Recognizing institutional racism is key to our survival and we cannot remain silent. We pledge to fight for justice. We will amplify those that are silenced, support where it is needed, and step aside when the story is not ours to tell.

Here are some places to lend your support and donate your resources.


With the implementation of SB 420 and an expedited process for expunging marijuana crimes, the Oregon Cannabis Association is launching a year long program to host free expungement clinics to help people clear their records.


October date: Thursday, May, 13th 3 – 7pm

Bend, Oregon: Submit the registration form for the address link

Expungement Registration Form

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