Dear Chair Unger, Commissioner Baney and Commissioner DeBone:

We are local residents and voters in Deschutes County, including cannabis farmers, processors and edible makers, licensed dispensary owners and other allies of Deschutes County’s cannabis business community. We appreciate the thoughtful inclusive process the Board of Commissioners has undertaken to develop regulations for licensed cannabis businesses.

Over the last several weeks, the Marijuana Advisory Committee you appointed to develop recommendations on cannabis land use regulations reached consensus on numerous items, and in particular on rules governing noise, odor and light from cannabis production. These "friendly neighbor" regulations address concerns we all share about preserving the quality of life we enjoy in Deschutes County.

Now that the County has developed a workable set of regulations, we respectfully request that you move swiftly to implement the will of the voters, end the increasingly harmful delay on licensing, and avoid a costly and divisive "do over" ballot measure campaign. Responsible regulations will promote public safety, preserve livability, and bring jobs and economic growth to our county.


Please help us reach out to you in the coming weeks.
May 2 Board of County Commissioner Meeting
Deschutes County residents and business allies: we need your support at this public hearing! We will reach out to you with details. Thank you!
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