On May 4, Deschutes County Commissioners will make a final decision to allow licensing to move forward – or force voters into a costly and divisive ballot measure fight through an “opt out” referral. It is extremely important that the Commissioners hear from you NOW. Please help them see the strength of our support for regulated cannabis businesses!

1. Sign the petition urging Deschutes County Commissioners to move forward with regulated cannabis businesses.

2. If you are a Deschutes County resident, please send an e-mail to Chair Unger, Commissioner Baney and Commissioner DeBone at board@deschutes.org. Remind them that

  • The County's Marijuana Advisory Committee reached consensus on light, sound and odor regulations for licensed cannabis farming, addressing the primary concerns of neighbors and protecting the quality of life we all enjoy in Deschutes County.
  • It’s time to implement the will of the voters and end the harmful delay on licensing.
  • Responsibly regulated cannabis businesses promote public safety and bring jobs and economic opportunity to Deschutes County.

3. Join us in a strong, positive show of support for the local cannabis business community at the Board of County Commissioner meetings on April 27, May 2, and May 4. (The May 2 public hearings are the most important of all!)

Want to do more? Send us an email.

Thank you so much for your continued support of your local cannabis business community!