IMPORTANT: Portland plans new enforcement against local businesses


October 1st is fast approaching and it's time for another update! With changes to packaging, testing, intake, labeling and much more, this event will provide much needed clarification regarding the serious changes in the regulatory process.

Please join as the Oregon Cannbis Association welcomes OLCC and OHA to present on the many, many changes we can expect on October 1st.

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Portland is a beautiful place and a hub for the cannabis business community. Since last July, there have been a number of amazing events for the public involving tickets and on-site consumption. Here at the Oregon Cannabis Association, we have been looking forward to a summer full of fun and an increase in tourism because of the popularity of ticketed events allowing consumption.

However, in a recent communication from the City's Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), we have learned that the City of Portland considers events allowing any form of cannabis consumption to be illegal, and that they are planning enforcement actions around their interpretation of the law.

ONI officials told us in an e-mail that:

Selling tickets to the general public and then providing samples will be considered the sale of cannabis without a license. It will also be considered a sale for consideration

If you hold a cannabis business license from the City of Portland and your business is associated with a ticketed event samples are offered to guests, ONI may revoke or suspend your license as a sanction. Other sanctions may include a fine of as much as $5,000.00. ONI's communication is vague enough that it is hard to tell whether they plan to enforce this against just the event organizer or all participating businesses.

If you are selling tickets to an event where there is consumption, ONI will consider this "public consumption."

ONI's reasoning is that if you are selling tickets to the public, the event will be considered a "public place" - and under state law, consumption in a public place is prohibited. According to the the communication we received from ONI, this is true even if consumption at the event is out of public view. 

Again, it is unclear whether ONI plans to enforce against all participating businesses or only the event organizer.

The Oregon Cannabis Association disagrees with the City of Portland's interpretation of the law and we are considering next steps. However, our belief that their interpretation of the law is incorrect is not enough to protect you or your business. We will be working on this issue moving forward.

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