Breaking: Deschutes County Rescinds Ban on Cannabis Businesses!

A message from Amy Margolis and the Oregon Cannabis Association:

Just moments ago the Deschutes County Commissioners agreed to rescind the opt-out on cannabis businesses in rural Deschutes county.

The Oregon Cannabis Association is proud to have led the way in this effort. By organizing our members, funding an independent and impartial poll, drafting testimony, engaging a government relations team, phone banking, drafting and gathering signatures for petitions, meeting with the editorial board of the local newspaper and so much more we saw true grassroots success today!

We could not be prouder of our dynamic membership base and all of their hard work. Thanks to all of you who wrote letters, signed petitions, showed up at hearings. Thanks to all of the paying members who's dues helped fund this effort. 

We love all of you, including great organizations like DPA, for their support and outreach. And, many thanks to the Commissioners who did the right thing and produced thoughtful regulation in the face of well-organized and aggressive opposition.

Attached is the press release. ONWARD!

Bend, Ore. (May 11, 2016) – The Deschutes Board of County Commissioners today unanimously agreed to rescind an ordinance banning cannabis businesses and implement regulations governing the time, place and manner in which they may operate in unincorporated parts of the county.

“Our County Commissioners showed strong leadership today,” said Lindsey Pate, who produces award-winning cannabis at her small family farm near Terrebonne. “By enacting sensible regulations, Deschutes County is promoting livability and public safety while ensuring that Deschutes County will benefit from the jobs and economic opportunity that cannabis businesses are bringing to our region.”

The Commissioners’ decision came after a lengthy and inclusive public process that included recommendations developed by the county planning commission last November and a citizen Marijuana Advisory Committee that met for two months this spring to develop consensus around regulations that govern light, sound and odor from cannabis cultivation on farmland, along with other land use issues.

“The Deschutes County Commission is doing the right thing by following the will of the voters in their county,” said Amy Margolis, who leads the Oregon Cannabis Association. “They took all voices into consideration and made smart, sensible regulatory choices. The Oregon Cannabis Association is proud to have worked collaboratively with community members, the commissioners and the planners to achieve this successful result.”