Statement to the Cannabis Community from Amy Margolis and Anthony Johnson

To the Oregon Cannabis Community:

Many people are passionate about the medical marijuana program and Measure 91, and for good reason – people’s lives, livelihoods and medicine are at stake. Oregon has won a better approach to marijuana by regulating, legalizing and taxing it. But there are still many perspectives on the best way to implement the new law. 

New Approach Oregon and Cannabis PAC are focusing on policy victories on the issues we agree on. We all want the same end goal – to finally put an end to the failed and harmful policy of cannabis prohibition across the country. We recognize that how this state rolls out its implementation process will have a direct impact on what happens in every state after Oregon. Our real opponents are the people trying to disrupt the entire implementation process so that legalization does not spread beyond Oregon or is rolled back in our state.  We promise to work together to make sure that Oregon not only has the best program in the country but also that the process of getting there is positive and inclusive. We are stronger as a group than as a fractured movement. 

That’s not to say we shouldn’t debate what the best policies are. It only takes a few people to be disruptive, so we are hopeful that we can all keep the following in mind: 

  • Implementation is just getting started. Let’s focus on seeing where we can come together and smoothly rolling out the new law. 
  • When we have disagreements, let’s talk to each other, face to face, and try to come up with creative solutions and innovative policies that everyone can agree with. 
  • Political disagreements do not have to be personal. Let’s listen carefully to all sides, be respectful and appropriate, and help Oregon become a leading example of implementing a better approach to marijuana. 

We want to assure everyone that both organizations recognize that moving forward together is in the best interests of both the community and the industry. Oregon has an amazing opportunity to create a vibrant cannabis industry while remembering to care for patients and all other participants. We will do our very best to make sure that this program works, that medical patients and growers are not forgotten and to prove to everyone that Oregon truly has the strongest and most compassionate cannabis community in the country.

Thank you,

Anthony Johnson, New Approach Oregon
Amy Margolis, Cannabis PAC