We are small business owners, job creators and taxpayers who need access to the same vital services other small businesses rely upon, including banking and insurance services and standard tax deductions.

As Oregon and other states move beyond prohibition, we seek clear and sensible regulation that promotes health and safety in our communities, excellence in our products and services, and compliance at every level of our industry.

Protecting your interests everywhere

Our members represent Oregon’s cannabis business community in Salem, in Washington, DC, and in communities across Oregon. We testify at hearings, serve on rulemaking committees for state and local agencies, and provide expert advice to policymakers.

Networking, training and development

We support our business community through networking and educational events and discounted services with preferred vendors.

Promoting Oregon cannabis

We promote Oregon as the premiere destination for the highest quality medicinal and adult use cannabis products, and we work toward the day when Oregon cannabis, like Oregon’s world-class wines, beers and spirits, can be enjoyed beyond our borders.